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Jeremy Renner Crash - Update: Marvel star shares videos and footage from hospital after being crushed by snow plow

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Jeremy Renner shares video recovering in hospital after snow removal accident

Actor Jeremy Renner is celebrating his 52nd birthday at the hospital, where he is being treated after being “crushed” by a snowplow that left him with serious injuries.

The Marvel star underwent two surgeries at a Nevada hospital following the “tragic” incident that left him on a “long road to recovery”.

He was trying to rescue his car from the snow when he was accidentally run over by the heavy duty snow plow he was operating.

“We can confirm that Jeremy suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and underwent surgery today (January 2),” Renner’s family said in their original statement. “He came back from surgery and remains in the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition.”

On Wednesday (January 4th), TMZ obtained the details of the record made by the emergency services at the time, including details of the 911 call that provide more information about Renner’s immediate injuries.

According to the publication, Renner, 51, moaned audibly at the end of the call due to pain.

The record indicates that the right side of Renner’s chest collapsed and that his upper torso was crushed.

The plow ran over one of the actor’s legs despite a wide array of safety features, leading to massive blood loss, a neighbor said.

In his first post since the accident, Renner shared a selfie from his hospital bed with the caption: “Thank you all for your kind words. I’m [sic] too messy now to type. But I send love to all of you.”

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Renner received massive support from his fans and Marvel co-stars, including Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi, and Chris Pratt.

On Saturday, January 7, Renner turned 52 years old. He has been sharing birthday messages on his Instagram Stories from his hospital bed.


More birthday wishes are coming for Renner as he turns 52 in the hospital…

Ellie HarrisonJanuary 7, 2023 11:41 am


Watch footage of Renner being flown to the hospital

In the clip, obtained by TMZThe helicopter is seen taking off from the snowy road near his Tahoe home on Sunday (January 1), where the crash occurred.

There is also another video circulating online of someone being transported by plane, which has been falsely labeled as Renner. In this recording, however, there is no snow on the ground.

During the incident, Renner was driving a PistenBully to clear snow.

Ellie HarrisonJanuary 7, 2023 10:17 am


The actor, who turned 52 today, has been sharing birthday love on his Instagram Stories. First, this one from Chicago’s academic and athletic program, The BASE…

Ellie HarrisonJanuary 7, 2023 9:10 am


Renner thanks medical staff in second hospital photo

Jeremy Renner just shared another photo from the hospital. The actor shared a photo with his family and medical team on his Instagram Story with the caption: “Thank you renowned ICU doctor [intensive care unit] team for starting this journey.”


Tom MurrayJanuary 7, 2023 1:25 am


Everything to know about the Renner accident

peony hirwaniJanuary 6, 2023 12:15 pm


Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin sends ‘well wishes’ to Renner

deaf activist and coda Star Marlee Matlin sent “well wishes” to Renner and football player Damar Hamlin, who is also in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field.

“Sending well wishes to Damar Hamlin @HamlinIsland and Jeremy Renner @JeremyRenner. I can only imagine how difficult this day has been for their respective families,” Matlin tweeted.

peony hirwaniJanuary 6, 2023 11:30 am


Do you need a license to drive a Snowcat?

After the sheriff’s press conference, a reporter asked if anyone could drive a Snowcat or needed a license to operate one.

“It was on a private road, so he could drive that Snowcat. In this case, as Mr. Renner always does, those private roads. He was being a great neighbor and he was opening up those roads for his neighbors up there. Again they had three feet,” replied Sheriff Balaam.

Now, while the Marvel actor was on private roads, many companies require professional Snowcat operators/drivers to have at least a driver’s license. Some even require their drivers to undergo training and certification before operating the Snowcat.

Snowcat machines are often used to clear tons of snow to prepare slopes for skiers.

(Wikimedia Commons)

peony hirwaniJanuary 6, 2023 11:00 am


Jeremy Renner is a ‘great neighbor’, says local sheriff

In recent weeks, Jeremy Renner has become known in his Nevada neighborhood for helping with the increasing snow.

According to Sheriff Darin Balaam, the Archer hawk star is a “great neighbor” and always uses his snowplow to clear the local roads.

“Across the community, he’s been very generous and he’s one of those individuals that most of the time you don’t know he’s doing this, but he’s made a tremendous impact on this community,” he told US media.

peony hirwaniJanuary 6, 2023 10:30 am


Renner’s sister Kym issues update on her condition

“We’re very excited about his progress,” Kym told CBS 13 reporter Steve Large. “If anyone knows Jeremy, he’s a fighter and he doesn’t mess around. He is crushing all progress goals. We couldn’t feel more positive about the road ahead.”

peony hirwaniJanuary 6, 2023 10:00 am


What was the extent of Renner’s immediate injuries?

Immediately after being “crushed” by a snowplow, Renner was apparently still conscious, according to local authorities.

But a copy of the 911 call log from the accident, recently obtained by TMZ, revealed more details about the actor’s immediate injuries.

Jacob StolworthyJanuary 6, 2023 09:10