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X-Force #30 Review

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Kid Omega could have been the lead X-Force #29 But Now That Deadpool Has Been Accepted As An X-Force Member, He’s Putting His Feet Up And Listening. Ben Percy And Robert Gill Shake Things Up X-Force In some respects #30 spells out a major shift in the series. Or, with Deadpool, at least some headaches, laughter, and lots of chopped off limbs.

X-Force #30 opens with Wolverine slashing the Krakoa tree that represents his face. He wants to know where Kid Omega went and now. This scene sets up the fact that Wolverine is about to leave the island and his X-Force, at least for now. This also sets the fact that Deadpool haunting Wolverine isn’t the focal point like in the last few issues, instead he becomes haunting others. This allows Percy to play around with a much rougher relationship between Omega Red and Deadpool. Boy, does that go wrong for Deadpool.

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Frankly, this opening scene with Wolverine might be the weakest part of the issue. does an extraordinary job of getting inside the head of a man and showing that a man lives for the hunt. The intimacy explored via these captions shows just how seriously Craven takes hunting, killing, and wearing his kill booty. It sets the cliffhanger that readers have been waiting for.

I imagine at least one mutant a day attacks him.
Credit: Marvel

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I think at least one mutant attacks him a day.
Credit: Marvel

A lot of time is spent in this issue showing Deadpool hanging out in Krakoa. He’s been wanting one for years, so I’m happy to beat him here. Gil handles the comedy well and captures the sheer annoyance that Deadpool gives off just by hanging out. Of course, the dialogue helps and is worth an audible laugh or two: Omega’s Red stands out as a visual highlight, and he’s big, formidable, and whimsical.

Mixed in with Deadpool, The Departure of Wolverine, and Kraven are several data pages that provide context for how X-Force treats the world we know about resurrection. Percy abducts a major mutant, leading to a powerful scene that requires justice through the means of guns and violence. It layers several political issues that the Force is forced to deal with at once. .

X-Force #30 is a satisfying chapter into a new story arc that makes the most of Deadpool and the comedy he brings. It is a large dynamic that deserves further exploration in the question of . X-Force We continue to show you how to maximize your entertainment.

'X-Force' #30 continues to show how to maximize entertainment

‘X-Force’ #30 continues to show how to maximize entertainment

X-Force #30

X-Force #30 is a satisfying chapter in a new story arc that makes full use of Deadpool and the comedy he brings. Juxtaposed with Deadpool is a very serious Kraven and Omega Red, making for a big dynamic worth exploring further in future issues. keeps showing.

Deadpool and Omega Red are great chaos makers in this series

Craven’s caption shows he’s a passionate hunter

Robert Gill shows he’s good at comedic timing with his visuals

The Wolverine scene at the beginning is not as interesting as the rest of the issue and feels a bit long

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