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TikTok video inspired NKY teen to start his own business

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Hebron, Kentucky (WXIX) – Teens in Hebron are using TikTok to help businesses.

Aubrie Sink was scrolling through TikTok one day when she saw someone making freeze-dried candy.

When she saw how much they were charging, she had the idea to do this herself.

“A lot of kids my age like candy,” says Aubrie.

Aubrey looks a lot like a kid his age.

She is a cheerleader and enjoys drawing and spending time with her friends. She also likes TikTok.

Unlike some 14-year-olds, she uses TikTok to promote her business Freezin with Aubrie. She freeze-dries popular candies and sells bags to make her profit.

“I found it on TikTok,” explains Aubrie. I ordered a bag from Amazon. I really liked it and my mother said “I don’t know about this”.

Aubrey’s mother, Christina Sink, says it took a certain amount of persuasion to allow her daughter to purchase the expensive equipment needed to make the candy.

Aubrey spent his money selling apple butter and jam [Jammin’ with Aubrie] to buy a freezer.

Christina says she’s glad she didn’t give up.

“It’s surreal, to be honest,” Christina said. “She started doing this two years before her. I was asked to get this freeze dryer for six months for her to see her vision come true. No, no, no,’ he said.”

Aubrey sells candy at craft shows, festivals and online. Both face-to-face and Internet sales are beneficial both financially and in teaching Aubrey how to do business.

“Festivals, carnivals and craft shows give us more energy because we get to be in front of our customers,” Christina adds.[She can] You can interact with them, learn more about their social skills, manage money, do upsells, stand in front of her products, and talk to customers about her products.

“The thing I learned the most is probably how to invest my money,” says Aubrie.

Christina says she leaves all business decisions to Aubrey.

She drives her where she needs to go, but otherwise leaves everything to Aubrey.

If the business continues to be successful, Christina may not need to drive Aubrey in a few years.

“I want to save a lot of money so that I can buy my own car when I turn 16,” says Aubrey. “It really helps my mother, so she doesn’t have to pay anything.”

So the next time your child scrolls through TikTok, they might find a new career in a popular app.

“Trust your child,” says Christina. “If they have a vision and are going to stick to it and they beg you to find out, do some research. I’m really proud of her.”

Aubrey plans to sell her candies at several upcoming festivals.

She will be performing at the St. Cecilia Festival on September 3-5 and Music and Merchants at Benton Farms, Fort on September 17-18. Thomas September 23-24. Here is her website.

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