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Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Team Up to Create Technology-Focused Startup TMRW Sports

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Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are golf’s two biggest names and have made their mark over the past two weeks by leading their peers to reshape the sport’s future. On Tuesday, the duo, who combined to win 19 major championships, founded TMRW Sports, a technology-focused start-up featuring a “progressive approach to sports, media and entertainment.” was announced.

“I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new venture that uses technology to bring a new approach to the sport we love,” Woods said in a statement.

This is the story of many companies, even press releases, but there are already examples of how it will play out in the world of golf and the future of the PGA Tour. Woods and McIlroy have begun planning a series of one-day events off the golf course to play in the technology-focused stadium, as Golfweek reported Sunday. It is easy to understand that you could be in the center of

The one-day event is designed to complement the PGA Tour schedule and is expected to start in 2024, according to multiple sources familiar with the concept. Early thoughts were that Showdown would move forward technically and be staged with a live audience, running from January through March, with a possible finale afterward. Discussions are underway about a partner for Sources at NBC Sports say the network has the option of partnering with Venture Media for him.

Details of the plan were shared with tour members who attended a players-only meeting held on August 16 during the BMW Championship, which saw Woods make a special trip from his home in Florida. It is presented as a long-term opportunity to build an equity stake in the company, with private funding in addition to corporate partnerships and sponsorships. The proposal was well received among the players in the room, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

This coincides with the players-only meeting Woods and McIlroy spearheaded at the BMW Championship in Delaware last week. What does the future of the PGA Tour look like?As two of the three or four most successful PGA Tour players of the last quarter century, Woods and McIlroy have earned the right to some degree of ownership in the world of golf during this tenuous time. and they have clearly embraced leadership roles. .

You can also make money in the whole process. Both Woods and McIlroy have invested in a number of companies related to or adjacent to the PGA Tour’s business interests, among which he apparently includes TMRW Sports, which he likely sponsors, operates or hosts. It seems highly likely. When Run these future one-off events.

This is good for the PGA Tour. When two of the most famous, famous and possibly successful golfers of this century rally an army for your organization and set up the company behind it, you have a lot to gain and a bright future ahead. There is. The PGA Tour should be encouraged by the passing of the past few weeks and the official beginning of an era in which Tiger and Rory will have huge ownership stakes in both the PGA Tour and golf itself.