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Three points from the Rebs draw with Toronto FC

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(WPRI) – The New England Revolution and Toronto FC have tied for the second time in three weeks.

After a 90-minute scoreless run on July 30, Wednesday’s match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Goals from New England’s Tommy McNamara and Justin Lennix weren’t enough to fend off Toronto’s newly acquired Italian talents Federico Bernardeschi and Domenico Crisito.

The Revs have a turnaround time of just three days before their next matchup in Montreal. Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s game:

Team scores points along the way

The cliché that “everything is good” was believed to apply to revolutions as well.

“We had a plan to defend as a team and we did it,” head coach Bruce Arena said. ”

Toronto is a team built to win, and their signings this offseason have proven to prove it. The staff should have set it up a bit more defensively.

Coming in unmanned, Revolution had to coordinate with five defenders on the field to start the game. Despite failing to find the winning goal, the team appeared to be comfortably in control throughout the game. The result was a good load point for the short-handed club.

The streak is over

Going into Saturday’s game, the Revolution went clean for 371 minutes, extending their five-game clean sheet streak.

The Rebs looked set to break their previous record of 420 minutes from 2013, but new signing Christian McCone dragged Ayo Akinola down in the box and conceded a penalty.

Akinora continued to score spot kicks, ending the Rebs’ winning streak 19 minutes short of the franchise record.

Although streaks are not a common topic c’sOmbersatiIn the locker room, GRoup believes the work they’re putting into the training field will help them break through this quickly.

Center-back Omar Gonzalez said: “We have worked really hard as a group to work together and improve our defence until this final stretch.

“We lost two points tonight, but let’s see if we can get back on track next time.”

this team is deep

It’s very clear that this team is spread thin.

“we missed [Henry] kessler tonight [Gustavo] Bow is out, [Dylan] Bolero came out, [Giacomo] Vrioni out, Maciel out, [Ismael] Tajouri-Shradi is out,” Arena said.

“Honestly, we miss the attack, so we give credit to the players who worked hard and produced results in the last five games.”

The striker position was particularly difficult to fill with Justin Lennix being the team’s only realistic option.

23 years Old has been with Revolution since he was young, and it has been difficult to find his chances within the first team.

But Josie Altidore is out on loan, with Bowe and Vrioni Out, Lennix Sees Extended Run And Startset o to mOst his partnerAlternity.

his gA goal in the 48th minute is proof of his p.Possibilities are fulfilled.