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Stampede Day starting lineup and draw revealed

Posted By: Justin Felisco

Pueblo, Colorado – The PBR Team Series moves to Bridgestone Arena for Stampede Days this weekend. Four teams claimed his tier at the top of the standings throughout his first three weeks of the season, with varying approaches, strategies and roster compositions.

of Missouri Thunder (6-1) are early season frontrunners for the PBR Team Series Championship following a 6-1 start to the season. Thunder has shown his best depth and holistic approach so far heading into the early season, with six riders scoring at least one qualifying ride of his in the competition and five riders has recorded at least two of his appearances. Corten Fritzlan Leading the way with 4 rides in 7 games.

on the other hand, austin gamblers (4-3, 18 bonus points) ranks second in the top-heavy approach. two time world champion Jose Vitor Leme Seven of Austin’s 13 rides (53.85%) carry the burden of gamblers. No other rider in Austin has done more than two rides.

of Arizona Ridge Riders (4-3, 10 bonus points) is ranked 3rd and has an unexpected 1-2 combo in the league. Alison De Souza (5 rides) and Luciano de Castro (4 rides) accounted for 64.29% of the team’s league-best 14 qualifying rides.

of carolina cowboys (3-4) was highly inconsistent across the three events. The Cowboys earned her 13 appearances and won all three bonus rounds, but Carolina went 5-0 and she won twice. Like Arizona, the Cowboys lead with a powerful one-two punch. Deiron Sweringen (5 rides) and Mason Taylor (4 rides).

After rounding off the lower half of the rank, Oklahoma (3-4, 12 bonus points), nashville (2-5, 12 bonus points), texas (2-5, 11 bonus points) and Kansas City (2-5, 9 bonus points).

Let’s take a look at this week’s starting line-up.

Missouri Thunder (6-1) vs. Texas Rattlers (2-5)

Clayton Sellers (MT) vs. Red Solo Cup
Brady Olson (TR) vs. Moon Taxi
Jesse Petri (MT) vs. Budacon
Cody Jesus (TR) vs. Step That Step
Andrew Arbidres (MT) vs. Hawkeye
Rafael Jose de Brito (TR) vs. Magic Potion
Adriano Salgado (MT) vs. ZZ Top
Brady Randolph (TR) vs. Uncle Gangster
Kolten Fritzlan (MT) vs. Preacher’s Kid
Brady Fielder (TR) vs. Norse God

Missouri Rider to Watch: Clayton Sellers‘ get on Legitimate The Thunder’s final victory over Carolina last weekend in Anaheim was a big emotional shake for the Thunder. Sellers was a favorite of locker room personalities and came out of a 1-for-6 start to the season riding the bulls who went 23-5 in matchups at all levels of competition.

“Sellers had a big crank in the Eliminator. We talked about this before. The momentum is very real,” says Missouri coach Ross Coleman Said.

Featured Texas Rider: Texas Brady Olson from a left knee injury that kept him out of the Rattlers’ first five games.Oleson, who is not 100% healthy yet, was 2-2 last week and is someone of a coach. Cody Lambert Trusting to help his team get back in the standings.

“Brady is also a true team leader,” said Lambert. “I’m really proud to have got him. He’s basically been in my house since the draft and I got to know him and I really appreciate him. He’s a great teammate. and a great bull rider, and we will see more of him.”

Oklahoma Freedom (3-4) vs. Kansas City Outlaws (2-5)

Derek Korbaba (OF) vs. Dr. X
Dalton Kaesel (KCO) vs. Spice
Briggs Madsen (OF) vs. Draco
Marcus Mast (KCO) vs. Prisoner
Dawson Blanton (OF) vs. Bottoms Up
Bob Mitchell (KCO) vs. Hard Juice
Declan Garland (OF) vs. Perch Trap
Tate Pohlmaier (KCO) vs. Savage
Casey Roberts (OF) vs. Ivy League
Koltin Hevalow (KCO) vs. Mr. Right Now


Dawson Branton vs. Bottom’s Up (Tryon preseason event – ​​3.26 seconds)

Featured Oklahoma Rider: Maybe we should call this section baby watches. Derek Kolbaba According to Oklahoma general manager Brandon Bates, the weekend is in doubt as he and his wife Amy are expecting the birth of their first child at any moment. Korbaba could have to sit out this weekend’s three-game set.If so, who steps up for freedom? Casey RobertsOklahoma’s remaining roster submission to Nashville is 3-for-22 (13.64%) this season.

Kansas City Riders to Watch: Outlaws Dalton Carsel into the lineup. Kasel has missed the last five games as he recovers from a broken jaw, multiple broken ribs and a contused kidney sustained in his PBR Challenger Series event on July 30. In good health, the 2019 Rookie of the Year is doctor-ordered to help Outlaw climb from the bottom of his PBR team’s series standings.

Austin Gamblers (4-3) vs. Arizona Ridge Riders (4-3)

Griffin Smeltzer (AG) vs. Satan’s Seed
Eduardo Aparecido (ARR) vs. White Dust
Ezekiel Mitchell (AG) vs. Just Denim
Alison De Souza (ARR) vs. Wicked Dreams
Lucas Divino (AG) vs. Twisted Feather
Sandro Batista (ARR) vs. Tiger
Austin Richardson (AG) vs. Gangster Time
Keyshawn Whitehorse (ARR) vs. War Daddy
Jose Vitor Leme (AG) vs. JoJo
Luciano De Castro (ARR) vs. Big Bank


Austin Richardson vs. Gangster Time (2022, Duluth, GA – 7.13 seconds)

Featured Austin Riders: griffin smeltzer Get a second chance to earn a full-time spot in the starting lineup. Gambler is tied with Oklahoma Freedom for the most riders ever used in a season with 10. The difference, however, is that Oklahoma is dealing with multiple injuries while Austin is adjusting for coaching decisions. The team is clearly looking for a middle ground in the lineup to partner with Leme. Maybe Smeltzer he could be the next rider to lead Leme to victory.

Featured Arizona Rider: can Eduardo Aparecido Do you have the same impact in the leadoff spot as Alison De Souza? Arizona Coach colby yates When Paulo Climber I’m betting on a lineup switch that will move Souza to the 2nd hole instead of his usual leadoff position.According to Yates, Souza’s fight evil dream It’s their bull pen’s toughest draw on Friday night.Still, Arizona believes Souza will rise to the challenge and she will be confident after seeing Aparecid turn around white dust early in the game.

Carolina Cowboys (3-4) vs. Nashville Stampede (2-5)

Boudreaux Campbell (CC) vs. Light’s Out
Kaike Pacheco (NS) vs. Midnight Flyer
Ramon Delima (CC) vs. Bobcat
Thiago Salgado (NS) vs. Theodore
Lane Nobles (CC) vs. Chief Wahoo
Joao Henrique Lucas (NS) vs. Mike’s Motive
Mason Taylor (CC) vs. Experiment 626
Manoelito de Souza Jr. (NS) vs. Red Scorpion
Daylon Swearingen (CC) vs. Mr. Nasty
Silvano Alves (NS) vs. Sammy


Daylon Swearingen vs. Mr. Nasty (2022 Duluth, GA – 88.5 points)
Kaique Pacheco vs. Midnight Flyer (2022 Albuquerque 15/15 backing battle – 88.25 points)

Featured Carolina Ryder: Coach Jerome Davis We’re giving new riders a chance to help Carolina get back on track after a 10-1 show in Anaheim. Lane Nobles Drawn into the Cowboys’ lineup, he’s 0-10 at every level of competition since the 2022 Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour Finals. We’ll see if Nobles can turn the summer struggle around and help the Cowboys end his two-game losing streak in the process.

Featured Nashville RiderThe Stampede last week signed the three-time world champion and arguably the best free agent still available on the open market Silvano AlvesNashville lost four in a row and lost a coach. Justin McBride chose to sign the longtime PBR veteran to his team. How much is Alves’ knowledge alone worth?His 12 appearances at the PBR World Finals have more than the three Nashville starting lineups combined. Manoelito de Souza, Joan Lucas When Thiago SalgadoCan Alves defeat the 2018 World Champion? Caike Pacheco Recent funk? Heading into the stampede, Pacheco has been chilling lately. The second overall draft pick in the 2022 PBR Team Series Draft is just 3-10 in seven games and three bonus rounds.

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