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STAIRCASE Launches Landmark Credit Waterfall Technology for Mortgage Lenders

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Our modern low-code API offering provides access to all credit providers in the market and allows lenders to easily switch between soft and hard credit pulls.

Philadelphia, August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Staircase, a company that builds an integrated digital infrastructure to facilitate technology-enabled mortgages, has launched a new application program interface (API), Credit Waterfall. mortgage market.

With Credit Waterfall, lenders can easily switch between credit providers to get the best pricing every time, and securely share borrower credit data across other systems. A new API also allows lenders to toggle between soft and hard credit pulls, allowing them to better manage their spend while protecting leads from credit pull alerts triggered by other lenders.

Most lenders today order borrower credit via a wired connection between a single credit provider and its point of sale (POS) system or loan origination system (LOS). This strategy fails to offer lenders the best credit option for their particular scenario, and prevents them from sharing the borrower’s credit data with other systems to drive up costs.

“Extracting borrower credit to determine loan eligibility is an important part of the mortgage process, but it’s also one of the biggest contributors to lender costs,” he said. sufi safavi, Co-founder and CTO of Staircase. “Credit Waterfall gives lenders the widest range of options when attracting borrower credit, automatically choosing the best possible option every time. There is no other market like it.”

Staircase CEO and co-founder Adam Kalamchi said: “However, they are typically held back by poor technology integration and a lack of credit options when qualifying for borrowers. This will allow lenders to verify the credit of the borrower early in the application process.Customers are in the market for loans.”

Credit Waterfall is available through Staircase’s low-code credit API. This allows lenders to switch from their current credit provider in minutes.In the credit waterfall, lenders are only charged $1 To access certain credit providers.for $2, you can create a credit “waterfall” that uses dynamic business logic to select the best solution from multiple credit providers. Within a month, Credit Waterfall develops a logical sequence to provide lenders with credit workflows that best suit their organization’s needs. If Credit Waterfall returns no results, the lender pays nothing.

“On average, our customers have seen an immediate 33% reduction in credit costs, with additional savings after just a few weeks of fine-tuning,” said Kalamchi.

In addition to credit waterfalls, Staircase’s proprietary waterfall technology has numerous applications, allowing lenders and servicers to create automated, integrated loan processing workflows using the service partner of choice. If a partner delivers the right results, Staircase will automatically transition to other partners in a waterfall fashion until the process is complete.

Contact us for more information on our credit waterfall. [email protected].

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