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Shoreham's New Trustees Review Ballard's Liquor, Recreation License

NEW SHOREHAM, Rhode Island (WPRI) — The New Shoreham Town Council voted unanimously to schedule a hearing on Thursday to discuss liquor and entertainment licensing at Burrard Beach Resort.

The decision follows a tumultuous night that included two fights during the festival at Ballard and at the Block Island Ferry.

Police said one person was arrested when a brawl broke out on the dance floor Monday afternoon in Ballard, and seven people were detained after a brawl broke out on a ferry later that night.

When the ferry docked at Point Judith, two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

At this time, it’s unclear if the fight on the ferry is related to the fight on Ballard.

MP André Boudreau said: “It is sad and disgusting. We are determined to get to the bottom of this matter and make some changes.

“We need to clearly decide and declare who we are, what we stand for, what our community is and, frankly, when enough is added councilor Keith Stover.

Residents gathered in droves for Thursday’s New Shoreham Town Council meeting. The New Shoreham City Hall was packed and the front door was left open with chairs on the lawn for those unable to enter.

Concerns about the safety and security of the island were received one after another.

“I love this place more than anything and it’s appalling to see this kind of behavior,” said one resident. “There is something we can do about this.”

Earlier this week, Ballard canceled its Roots & Rhythm festival scheduled for August 21, as it reconsiders hosting concerts and other large-scale events.

Ballard’s owner Stephen Filippi didn’t attend Thursday night’s meeting, leaving many residents scratching their heads.

“That’s cowardly,” said one resident. “This island would be a better place if he went out of business. I hate to say it.”

A hearing on Ballard’s license is scheduled for August 22nd.

“The council and community have united in feeling that the dangerous and aggressive behavior witnessed by residents has risen to levels requiring very clear enforcement action. It is consistent with state laws governing licensing of liquor establishments that ensure proper procedures,” the town council said in a statement.

The town council also plans to meet with representatives of the Interstate Carrier, which operates the Block Island Ferries, to find out what happened over the weekend.

Counselors also asked that anyone who witnessed the incident first-hand be considered providing testimony for the hearing. Please contact