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See how the Conroe ISD campus performed in the 2021-22 Texas Department of Education Accountability Assessment

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The Texas Department of Education released its statewide accountability assessments for school districts for the 2021-22 school year on August 15.

Conroe ISD received a “B” rating of 89 out of 100. Scores have increased across the board since 2019, according to a TEA news release. Scores have not been published since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CISD also received a ‘B’ for the 2018-19 school year.

“These results demonstrate that the state’s critical investment in the post-pandemic recovery of Texas public school students is paying off,” said Mike Moras of the Texas Board of Education in a release. said in “We are grateful to our teachers and local school leaders for being the driving force behind this year’s success. We have tutoring support, rigorous curriculum resources, and an accountability system that supports our investment in evidence-based training for teachers.”

According to the TEA, a school district’s ratings reflect a student’s readiness for success at the next grade level and after graduation.

Of the 59 CISD campuses evaluated, 22 received an ‘A’, 25 received a ‘B’ and 12 received a ‘C’.

School districts are evaluated on student performance, school progress, and closing gaps.

Student achievement measures how a student performs on Texas Academic Readiness Assessment exams. School Progress measures student performance over time compared to school districts with similar enrollment demographics, and closing the gap is a school district’s ability to ensure success for all student groups. to measure

CISD scored 89 (B) in each category. Here is the overall rating for each CISD school:

primary school:

Anderson Elementary School: 87 (B)

Armstrong Elementary School: 78 (C)

Austin Elementary: 88 (B)

Burnham Woods Elementary School: 88 (B)

Bradley Elementary School: 94 (A)

Broadway Elementary School: 94 (A)

Buckaroo Elementary School: 97 (A)

Bush Elementary School: 94 (A)

Clayton Elementary School: 77 (C)

David Elementary: 97 (A)

Deletchin Elementary: 97(A)

Ford Elementary School: 74 (C)

Galatas Elementary: 90 (A)

Giesinger Primary School: 86 (B)

Glenlock Elementary School: 92 (A)

Haley Elementary School: 82 (B)

Hope elementary school: 88 (B)

Hauser Elementary School: 83 (B)

Houston Elementary: 75 (C)

Kauffman Elementary School: 87 (B)

Lamar Elementary School: 81 (B)

Milam Elementary School: 78 (C)

Oakridge Elementary: 82 (B)

Paterson Elementary School: 85 (B)

Powell Elementary School: 92 (A)

Reeves Elementary: 88 (B)

Rice Elementary: 84(B)

Beginner Ride: 89 (B)

Lunyang Elementary School: 79 (C)

San Jacinto Elementary School: 76 (C)

Snyder Elementary School: 96 (A)

Stewart Elementary School: 91 (A)

Sukuma Elementary School: 92 (A)

Beginner Tough: 97 (A)

Wilkinson Elementary School: 87 (B)

junior high school:

Bozman Intermediate: 82 (B)

Clark Intermediate: 92 (A)

Collins Intermediate: 95 (A)

Cox Intermediate: 90 (A)

Intermediate Cryer: 86 (B)

Granger Land Intermediate: 74 (C)

Irons Middle School: 86 (B)

Knox Middle School: 91 (A)

McCullough Middle School: 93 (A)

Moorhead Middle School: 81 (B)

Pete Middle School: 85 (B)

Stockton Middle School: 79 (C)

Travis Intermediate: 79 (C)

Vogel Intermediate: 89 (B)

Wilkerson Intermediate: 81 (B)

York Middle School: 93 (A)

high school:

Canny Creek: 77 (C)

College Park: 92 (A)

Conroe: 78 (C)

Grand Oaks: 87 (B)

Oak Ridge: 85 (B)

Washington: 88 (B)

Woodlands: 95 (A)