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Ruben Ostlund Updates About Upcoming Film 'The Entertainment System Is Down' (Exclusive) | News

Ruben Ostland has shared new details for his upcoming film, entertainment system is downhe expects this to be another international co-production.

Ostlund, who has previously revealed that the film will be set on a long-haul flight where digital entertainment consoles cease to function, said he aims to advance the story to the point where passengers disembark the plane.

he also said screen He hopes the film will become an international co-production like the Palme d’Or winners. sorrow triangleand confirmed that he will be reunited with French producer Philippe Bober through the latter’s co-production office.

Bober produced the last three features of Ostlund. force majeure, The Square When sorrow triangle – and was two co-producers and associate producers before that, play (2011) and Involuntarily (2008).

The script is in its early stages and no production date has yet emerged. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s expected that the Coproduction Office will handle movie sales, as they did with Ostlund’s last five features.

Ostland said screen He “began collecting ideas” for the story, so he writes it himself, but also incorporates input from other collaborators, including his wife Sheena Goetz. sorrow triangle.

As for the cast, Ostlund will continue regular practice working with a new group of actors. triangle Star Woody Harrelson has revealed his participation in a new film at Cannes. Reusing actors was a pain. I want to create a completely new universe each time,” said the director.

Regarding the plot, Ostlund described the film as a “disaster film”.

“Shortly after takeoff, the crew made a terrifying announcement to passengers – unfortunately the entertainment system is down,” he said. “Thus, a passenger is destined to be a non-digital distraction for 15 hours in his life.

“It will be very interesting to investigate how that flight got to Chaos,” he continued. “I think it’s incredibly 100% possible to cause so much chaos that it crashes in flight.”

Unlike many filmmakers who prefer to keep their projects secret until the production stage, Ostlund is keen on discussion. entertainment system is downas a means of sourcing ideas.

One such story that could appear in the film is “Someone who was on a plane from Europe to the United States and was flying over Greenland suddenly got into very heavy turbulence.

“20% of the oxygen masks fell. But only 20%. It didn’t happen either. It was a false alarm.” – Like Mass force majeure situation [when an avalanche causes panic amongst a group of skiers]Because then you’ll spend another 4-5 hours with the person you wrestled with. ”

chance for revolution

Ostland’s 2022 Palme d’Or winners performed to a local Sarajevo audience at the festival’s opening ceremony on Friday. The film depicts passengers and crew of unique social status on luxury yachts. Social norms are thrown into chaos when a yacht crashes in a storm.

With rising energy prices fueling social unrest across much of Europe, Ostrund says revolutions often need a trigger. He credits the Icelandic volcanic eruption of 1783 as a catalyst for the French Revolution because it affected crop yields. And a photo of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie feeding his dogs with sumptuous meat has sparked massive outrage among the starving population.

“People were fed up when the image was released and went viral,” he said. “It could change over time. It will be interesting to see if [social unrest] Will it happen or will it not happen? ”

He also criticized European society for being too “individualistic” and restricting collective progress.

“We have lost faith in the state,” said Ostlund. “In 1967 Sweden changed from driving on the left to driving on the right. Isn’t it amazing that 8 million people can adapt to this from one day to another? There have been fewer car accidents than in the history of transportation.

“It says something about how we organize people in society and create new social contracts. We will not be able to deal with them in this individualistic society where it only matters what we like.”

talk screen Shortly after British-Indian author Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage in New York, Ostrand described the incident as “a little scary” and the media focus on the conflict has spawned more violence. Said there was

“as if [select media outlets] Forget that culture actually creates behavior,” he said. “Other excluded young people may want to mount a terrorist attack and gain their position.

“The media will be the first to say that the world is very dangerous, very violent, etc. Then the world will follow.”

For a potential award campaign for sorrow triangleOstlund said, “It would be great to win an Oscar,” but quipped that the Palme d’Or, which he has two, was “the best award.”

He added that it would be difficult to go to the event without his wife and 11-month-old son. However, they will come with him “pretty much” to promote and celebrate the film.

Östlund, who received the honorary Heart of Sarajevo on Friday, then attended a ‘Coffee with…’ session and a masterclass on his career so far.neon lights sorrow triangle In the US on October 7th, Curzon follows in the UK and Ireland on October 28th.