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Roush Review: Same Throne, More Dragons In A Grim 'House' | Entertainment

Basic Inheritance Wearing chainmail and armor, HBO’s House of the Dragon — long awaited follow up game of thrones — seldom surprising, but extravagant and intoxicating.

This series offers much of what we have created throne Popularity: An epic scale that redefines fantasy storytelling on television, with endless brutalist battle scenes, depraved orgies, torture and complex palace intrigues. and dragons. Oh those dragons. We often hear them coming before we see them emerge from the clouds, adding to our expectations. to intimidate and meet its demands.

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If only humans made such an impression.While the acting remains exemplary, this brooding, brooding prequel that marked the original series is set almost 200 years ago. throne It’s sorely lacking Tyrion, the mischievous clown to pierce the heinous. (It’s a shame that Peter Dinklage won none of his four Emmy Awards.) The closest we get is Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) as the Targaryen black sheep prince Daemon, the bad-boy brother of the wimpy King Viserys (the biting Paddy Considine), whose troubled reign occupies the first season. (HBO has released six of his ten episodes for review.)

Spiteful, arrogant, and clearly unfit to wear the crown he covets, Daemon lights up the Red Keep.This is where the Targaryens, a silver-haired, dragon-riding dynasty, have ruled for over a century at the start of the series. thronedistributed its actions throughout the seven kingdoms of Westeros, dragon Gossip about the succession to the throne is almost always placed in and around the palace, everyone’s favorite hobby.

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(Credit: HBO)

It may take a flowchart (and a spelling glossary) to decipher who’s who in the sprawling cast. Princesses have names such as Rhaenyra and Rhaenys. Two princes, Aegon and Eymond.It may be helpful to read the source material, George RR Martin’s turgid tome Fire & Blood, I don’t want to be my worst enemy. (he wrote this instead of completing his own work Song of Ice and Fire series, but that’s another story. ) Fortunately, the series is much more vibrant and focused than the book. But it also suffers from a lack of distinct personality.

A major conflict in the new series has to do with gender, with Westeros set in a nightmare land of chauvinism where women are used as political pawns and seen as little more than broodmares to produce heirs. (Birth is often fatal and always painful. Iron Throne.”

The king’s firstborn, Laenira (Millie Alcock and Emma Darcy excel in both young and old versions) begs to be different. She is determined to break with her tradition and one day take over from her weak-willed father. As you can see from the introduction, “The only thing that could destroy the House of the Dragons was itself.”

Stick with it until the fifth episode (September 18th) and you’ll be treated to a royal wedding (never a peaceful occasion in Westeros). Blade of the infamous Iron Throne.may not be equal thrones It’s a shock value red wedding, but there’s no question that the game is on.

House of the DragonSeries Premiere, Sunday, August 21, 9/8c, HBO

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