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Raheem Sterling: Chelsea left forward smokes, furious at Manchester City sending off | Football News

Raheem Sterling says Chelsea have regained their happiness in football after being left ‘fuming and furious’ by how his Manchester City career ended.

Sterling joined Stamford Bridge in July for £47.5m after seven trophy-laden seasons at Manchester, where he scored 131 goals in 339 appearances, winning four Premier League titles and four league titles. Cup, won one FA Cup.

In his final season at the Etihad Stadium, the 27-year-old England international made just 23 starts in 30 of City’s title-winning campaigns, leading Sterling to conclude that his sacrifice has not paid off. I was.

“Everybody wants to feel wanted and football is no exception.” super sundae Trip to Leeds United – stay alive sky sports.

“When you play hard and sacrifice some of your kids’ birthdays and then get treated in some way, it’s a disappointment.

“At the time, I was furious, but that was in the past and I can only focus on the present. Again.”

Sunday, August 21, 1:00 p.m.

Speaking on the biggest factor in his decision to trade from Manchester City to Chelsea, Sterling said:

“There were many reasons, but I wasn’t complaining. I couldn’t do that, so it didn’t make sense to fight a battle that I could never win.”

Sterling: I got my happiness back

Pep Guardiola instructs Sterling against Aston Villa
Sterling made 23 Premier League appearances in his final season under Pep Guardiola at Man City

When asked if it was time to leave after all he had done was the situation at Manchester City became unbearable, Sterling replied: “Yes, literally.”

“As a player I always want to do my best and help my team, but it always disappoints me when I think things aren’t going fairly.

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Former Manchester City player Raheem Sterling explains why it’s time to leave the club

“If you are not happy playing your football, you have to look at other options to regain that happiness. It was time…that I knew I couldn’t do my best.

“this [City] It’s a great club, a club that has won many trophies and has helped me a lot in my development over the last few years, but there comes a time when you have to think about yourself. and hope for the future.that’s the only reason i’m here [at Chelsea].”

Sterling: Chelsea transfer ‘blessing in disguise’

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With his move to Chelsea becoming Sterling’s first marquee deal at Stamford Bridge under new owner Todd Bawley, Sterling has revealed evidence that the club is delivering on its promises and they are the club for him. I was convinced that there was

“It was their intention that they approached me,” Sterling explained. I think they have shown me how important a role I can play here.

“Looking back at what they’ve achieved here over the past few years, the finals they missed, the new owners taking over, a team that’s always been competitive on all fronts and I think it only gets better. I knew it… You don’t have to make another choice.

“It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It was a hidden blessing, it was another challenge, and looking back at the end of my career, I was gratified to know that I had stepped up to the plate.” It’s a challenge you can do yourself.

“Most part was playing football week after week. It was the first time in my career. I knew I could show it on the field.”