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Hybrid Classical-Christian Education Offered at Paideia Classical School

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Founded by Dr. Johnny Seago, Paideia Classic School has enrolled over 3,500 students over the past 34 years.

“We started renting space outside the church and it became a regular thing. We started scheduling and one thing led to another and here we are 34 years later,” says Shego. “With four campuses and over 3,500 alumni who want to go to college at any time, we have open arms and full scholarships.”

Paideia Classical School is unique among private schools as Logic, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Dialectics, Theology, Latin, Greens, Grammar, Composition and Science are part of its curriculum.

“It’s clearly Christian. It’s not just the fact that there’s a weekly chapel, but the kids need to memorize the Bible. must read.”

Students at Paideia Classical School need to behave like Christians, Dr. Shego said.

“We are a disciple-making school. “The classical model comes from monasteries where monks taught young disciples to read Socrates and Aristotle. They trained them to be monks, ministers and priests.”

Dr. Shego decided to call the school Paideia.

“We care about their arts, their sports, their social lives, their friends, and how they treat their brothers and sisters,” she said. Cultivate people who can change culture. ”

Another feature of Paideia Classical School is its hybrid teaching model.

“We do not take [students] Five days a week,” Dr. Seago said. “I want to work collaboratively with parents to help them become better parents, how to overcome conflicts with their children, and how to work to the best of their abilities. I want to teach you how.

Each campus will have two days of meetings on campus. Day 3 is an option that includes the opportunity to join a peer research group. Dr. Sigo said educating students in schools is a collaborative effort between staff and parents.

“I want to work with them a few days a week, and then prepare them to go home and do it a few more days a week,” Dr. Shego said. We want moms and dads to shoulder some of the burden of educating their children, and that is the hybrid model.”


The first step for parents wanting to know more about the school is to fill out the inquiry form on the website. Afterwards, you will be invited to tour the campus. You can enroll at any time during the school year, subject to availability. If there are no spaces available, students can remain on the waiting list or inquire about availability at another location.

“There’s nothing to keep your kids here. A lot of kids graduate at 16 because they can move up and excel,” Dr. Seago said. rice field. “I think that’s what parents really want: not to hold back their children.”

Seagos’ dream for Paideia Classical School is to have about 20 new campuses over the next 10 years.

Paideia Classical School currently has four campuses: Conroe, Willis, Georgetown and Spring, all open and accepting enrollments. For more information on Paideia Classic School, please visit our website.

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