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Has IFFI helped Konkani film culture in Goa?

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While the Indian International Film Festival (IFFI) came to Goa in 2004 to brighten the capital with lighting and infrastructure, local actors and filmmakers say that the film culture is boosted and people come to see the theaters. I am still looking for that hope. A locally produced Konkani movie.

Stakeholders in the local film industry say IFFI has not helped them push forward.

According to them, if enough people come to see the Konkani movie, they won’t even need government assistance to make the movie. Now he has more than 10 filmmakers, but film production has slumped, and at most he has 2-3 films.

Actor Rajdeep Naik said iansu Goa’s film culture has come to a standstill since the IFFI came as the government only promotes IFFI and films shown during the event.

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“The government has not announced our support (for film production) since 2016. Budgets have been allocated, but no money has been paid. If they were with us today, they would have done something. Now they are not doing anything.

“If the funds under the scheme are provided regularly through Goa’s Entertainment Society (ESG), they can invest and recover. We don’t need schemes.To do that, we have to develop film culture first.”

Filmmaker Jitendra Sikerkar said people don’t take Konkani movies seriously. “Digital Cinema has to spend more money on creating his package before it can be released in theaters, which is not affordable for us.

“People don’t get a theatrical feel in theater halls, but they can’t afford to release movies in theaters,” he asserted.

“The ESG scheme has been launched again. Films made before 2015 have been funded… This year also the government has authorized Rs 2.5 crore under this scheme. We don’t have a lot of support from the government.If people come and watch movies, we won’t need government support,” he asserted.

“IFFI did not benefit us.Do people who come to IFFI watch Konkani movies?They do not watch our movies.Only our audience can support us.Konkani We need to support movies.They need to support Konkani movies.

“Many people are commenting on social media that they should support Konkani cinemas, but in reality they are not coming. We have a population of , so we can make good movies,” he added.

He said up to two film productions will be in Goa because the investment has become a risk. “We have a technical team, but we rely on creating sets and lighting from outside (Mumbai).”

Filmmaker Rajesh Pednekar said the government’s help would not come in time. “I shot the film in 2016. Today is 2022 and I have not received any money from the scheme yet. They do not prioritize our application,” he said.

He said that scheme payments should be made at pace.”Refunds should actually be made. There is no process here. An offer of Rs.200 crore has been made for this scheme.” is sufficient for movies made in Goa.”

He said Goa Prime Minister Pramod Sawant should meet and listen to the filmmakers. “We are inspired by IFFI,” he added.

He further said that at least 50,000 people should see the film to recoup the money invested in its production.

Similarly, filmmaker Suchita Narvekar said that politicians were only making speeches and not actually working to carry out their plans. No, we can only watch movies on IFFI,” she said.

“Not even 100,000 people come to the theater to see a Konkani movie. Having that kind of audience would have been encouraging and financially strong,” she said.

Narvekar said the government had failed to diversify the money under the ESG scheme for film production. “The process takes time. If someone takes out a loan to make a film, they’re definitely going to suffer,” she said.

Filmmaker Joywin Fernandez said IFFI has not benefited Konkani’s film and culture. The plans that have been launched are also not working.In the future, if the situation remains this way, no one will dare to make a Konkani movie,” he said. He said.

He said the rising cost of showing movies in cinemas has forced them to release them on YouTube.

Prime Minister Pramod Sawant recently said the state is looking to develop film culture and film industry in Goa. “We support Konkani Films and Marathi Films.With your support, we can develop film culture successfully.Goa has sent many actors into the film industry,” said Sawant. said Mr.

He added that ESG is working to grow Gore’s film culture.