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Google Doodle celebrates Indian kite culture with adorable GIFs

Google doodle of the day: Today’s Doodle, drawn by Kerala-based guest artist Neethi, celebrates India’s 75th Independence Day. The 2022 Independence Day doodle depicts the culture that surrounds kites, from the art of making bright, beautiful kites to the fun experiences that bring communities together. is a colorful symbol of great heights achieved by .GIF animations add dynamism and bring the graffiti to life.”

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People also celebrate Independence Day by flying kites, a longstanding symbol of independence. Indian revolutionaries once flew kites with slogans protesting British rule. Since then, recreational and competitive kite flying has become one of the most popular Independence Day traditions. Indians also mark the day by spending time with their loved ones and by organizing cultural programs in their neighborhoods and schools.

Independence Day 2022: Today’s Google Doodle was drawn by Kerala-based guest artist Neethi. (Image:

The day marks the historic occasion when India secured its independence from colonial rule after 200 years of oppression and oppression by the British. This is a special occasion for all citizens to mark the birth of a free nation after the unremitting efforts of freedom fighters and revolutionaries against oppressive British rule. It honors the sacrifices of the brave leaders and freedom fighters who gave their all for the cause.

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This year, the Government of India organized several events under the theme of ‘National First, Always First’ under ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mohatsah’. To commemorate this day, the government also aims to collect his 200 million tricolors.

The biggest annual celebration takes place at Delhi’s Red Fort, where the prime minister raises the saffron, white and green flag to the sound of 21 gunshots. A patriotic parade honors members of the Indian army and police after the prime minister delivers a televised address.

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Artist Neethi shared his thoughts on the doodle and said one of our fondest memories, the age-old tradition of kite flying, is an integral part of India’s Independence Day celebrations. said.

Is there an inspiration for this doodle? Is there a particular element of the artwork that has a symbolic meaning? It is a message of love and to mark India’s 75th year of independence, we have painted a kite that depicts the colors of our nation. They fly high like skyscrapers and birds, and I want to believe in the sun!”

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