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Creative Director and Cultural Curator Archyn Orijin invited for an exclusive interview with ESSENCE Magazine

Archyn Orijin, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Orijin Culture

Archyn Orijin, courtesy of CJS PR

A model wearing Orijin Culture's signature African-style bag (Courtesy of CJS PR)

Signature African style bag created by Orijin Culture, courtesy of CJS PR

Orijin Culture is on a mission to create designer goods that communicate culture with unity, love and respect.

Nationwide, USA, Aug. 22, 2022 / — Philadelphia-based Afro-heritage label Orijin Culture candidly puts The Culture at the forefront of everything they do.

Archyn Orijin, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Orijin Culture, sat down with ESSENCE Magazine to discuss the inspiration behind his eponymous label, how activism has fueled his creativity, and why the continent Discuss what to keep in mind.

Below is an excerpt from Archyn’s recent interview with ESSENCE. The great thing about everything is that I’m not a storyteller and you tell your own story when you carry his Orijin Culture. The pride they exude when they wear African bags, cuffs and scarves proudly demonstrates a statement of value and empowerment that goes far beyond fashion. ”

You can read the full interview here.

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Follow culture at @orijinculture. Follow Archyn Orijin’s journey at @archyn.orijin.

About Archyn Orij:
Archyn Orijin, as he says, is a Ghanaian designer born in the United States, born in London, raised in Ghana, raised in Philadelphia. Through his label, his Orijin Culture, Archyn is passionate about connecting all African descendants. Over 15 years ago, Archyn’s passion inspired him to create a magazine of the same name. The publication has evolved into a fashion and lifestyle brand that remains connected to today’s culture. Orijin Culture deliberately celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of Africa, the diaspora, and the global influence of black culture. Follow his Archyn Orijin journey at @archyn.orijin.

About Origin Culture:
Orijin Culture is always meant to put the wearer at the center of the conversation and tell the story of “Orijin” in style. With an exclusive range of luxury leather goods, statement jewellery, iconic eyewear and signature apparel, each piece celebrates the vibrancy of Africa and the global influence of black culture across the diaspora. Purchase origin culture at

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