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BHHS Golf Continues Despite Low Turnout | Sports

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Sheridan — The Sheridan County golf team played Friday morning at the Kendrick Invitational. Some teams traveled by bus, but the Big Horn Golf Team didn’t need one.

The Rams have only three golfers so far this season. Ellie Holbrook is the only national team member on the team. The senior had a strong season last year when he finished second in the Big Horn tournament at Moorcroft.

Holbrook missed the Kendrick Invitational due to illness, but there are high expectations for her senior season.

“She’s going to come out and try to get some scores and be in the top three, and hopefully have a shot at a state championship,” head coach Lamont Craboux said.

In Holbrook’s absence, Lizzie Arkeries and Walker Mitchell were the only two golfers to wear yellow Big Horn polo shirts at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course.

This was Curavo’s seventh season of coaching golf at Bighorn, and the first in which the women’s and men’s teams did not have enough players to record a team score.

Kurabo has had many successes as a coach of the Rams golf team. In 2015 Big Her Horn women’s golf team won the state title and in 2016 she placed third.

This is uncharted territory for Kurabo and the Rams, but he hopes to join the team as the season progresses.

“I lost a lot of stuff by the time I graduated,” Clabo said. “It’s hard to get the kids back on track before school starts. I hope we can get out a little bit more once school starts, but now it’s all about sports. Bighorn numbers are down. It’s a small school and there are four fall sports for students to choose from.”

Sophomore Arcarese said many of his classmates chose sports other than golf.

“Golf isn’t that big or known as any other sport,” said Arcarese. “It is difficult to fill the team. ”

The Rams’ only male golfer is Mitchell. The freshman was briefly recruited by Clabaugh, but had chosen to join the team beforehand. doing. Mitchell’s goals for his rookie season are pretty simple.

“It’s all about having fun and getting better,” Mitchell said.

Crabeau said the fewer players on a golf team, the stronger the individual mindset.

“A lot of golf is about individual mental aspects of the game, so taking care of the individual ultimately brings the team together.

So now we’re still working on individual aspects of the game, mental focus on every shot, preparation for the week. will unite,” he said.

Having fewer golfers on the team has several advantages.

“We like to hype each other up,” said Arcarese.

Arcarese and Mitchell competed in a scramble. Arcarese’s team was the only women’s scrambling her team and Mitchell’s team finished second of her two teams.

Tong River’s Braxton Tremaine scored 84 on Thursday. The Sheridan Boys team finished second. Tun River was third. The Tunriver women’s team finished second and Sheridan third.

Justin Hunter A reporter for the Sheridan Press.