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ADM partners with New Culture to expand animal-free dairy platform

New Culture investor Perfect Day, an animal-free dairy company that produces whey protein through microbial fermentation, Joint development agreement with ADM in 2018) ADM, through its ADM Ventures division, said:Both fermentation and dairy production capacity will be available to meet the demand for New Culture’s melty, stretchy cheese. ”na

ADM’s global manufacturing assets and expertise areAccelerate New Culture’s efforts to bring animal-free mozzarella to the U.S. foodservice market, starting with pizzerias in 2023.ADM also brings expertise in ingredients and formulations to New Culture.

“This partnership will enable joint product development, leveraging New Culture’s innovations in new ingredients and animal-free dairy… It will give us access to a full pantry of possible plant-based ingredients and flavors that will allow us to apply animal-free casein to a wide range of animal-free dairy products.”na

Under GRAS determination

New Culture co-founder and CEO Matt Gibson told FoodNavigator-USA that the company plans to launch in the foodservice market before moving into retail and B2B food sales.After learning that mozzarella is the number one cheese consumed in the United States, primarily through food service, he decided to go into pizzerias to maximize his impact. ”na

Regarding regulatory pathways, he said:We are taking the necessary steps to confirm that our animal-free casein is GRAS, starting in 2023 as self-GRAS and filing with the FDA. ” na