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Rowan University Focuses MBA on Cannabis Commercialization | Rowan Today

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Rowan University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship School is new to New Jersey, which has allowed adult cannabis to be sold by licensed retailers since April 21st. Master of Business Administration (MBA) concentration When certificate Of graduate research focused on the commercialization of cannabis.

The Rowan University MBA is the first and only AACSB accreditation program in the country to offer business-focused cannabis coursework designed to meet the emerging and evolving needs of the cannabis industry. AACSB International is the premier accreditation body for business schools and colleges, and its accreditation is synonymous with the highest standards of business education.

“Companies directly involved in cannabis cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and retail sales need experts from other industries to adapt, extend and expand best practices in the tightly regulated cannabis market.” , Rowan College of Business (RCB). “There is also increasing demand for ancillary businesses that complement and serve the fast-growing cannabis industry in New Jersey and beyond.”

Opened in 2022 as part of Rowans RCB Innovation & Entrepreneurship School Foster professional start-up opportunities and foster a cross-campus entrepreneurial spirit.

“Like any new industry, New Jersey’s rapidly evolving cannabis sector needs smart and innovative professionals to help businesses reach their full potential,” he said. Dr. Eric Rigoli, founder of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, said. A graduate research program concentration or certificate will be a creative problem solver ready for the first day to help lead, promote and develop this exciting new industry. “

Students enrolled in a customizable MBA program can hone their skills in a particular business area or gain knowledge across the sector by choosing concentration or selective coursework from 12 disciplines, including commercialization of cannabis. To build. Rowan MBA students can choose between two related concentration levels to build considerable depth. Two concentration to widen. Or, one intensive course and three electives across disciplines to gain a broader perspective from different perspectives. Potential career paths in the cannabis industry include cultivation, production, and retail opportunities, as well as accounting and tax, finance and banking, data analysis, marketing and branding, supply chain, and human resources roles.

Students focused on the commercialization of cannabis complete two essential courses: the evolution of the cannabis industry and the innovation of the cannabis business model. One elective course is selected to coordinate towards achieving individual career goals.

The electives with a particular focus on cannabis are:

  • Evaluation of cannabis laws, regulations, and policies
  • Legalization and non-criminalization of marijuana in work, leisure and other environments
  • Cannabis research, program evaluation, and policy making
  • Advanced chemical analysis of cannabinoids

The electives that complement research in the cannabis industry are:

  • Community justice
  • Race, ethnicity, class, justice
  • Social entrepreneurship and impact investing in change
  • Capital budget
  • Sustainability innovation and problem-solving topics
  • Overview of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Alternatively, the course may apply to a 9 credits Graduate Research Certificate (COGS) in the commercialization of cannabis. If desired, students who complete the certificate can use it as a stackable credential to transfer the course to the MBA program.

As the regulated market grows much faster than other industrial sectors, the work of cannabis is expanding.

“Our online MBA prepares students from all over the country for this rapidly developing employment market,” said Jennifer Maden, Deputy Dean and Director of Graduate Research at the Rohrer College of Business. “Students build and improve business insights, sharpen and expand their unique knowledge of the cannabis industry, while expanding their network throughout the industry.”

New Jersey adopted the Reform Act in 2010 and issued licenses to grow, manufacture and sell marijuana. First used for patients under the supervision of a doctor in a particular condition, then for adults. Since 2021, Rowan has been working with industry leaders to create opportunities for cannabis workforce development and research.

“Rowan is interested in internships for students, full-time jobs for graduates, and industry collaboration to develop the long-awaited research on cannabis,” said Bob Brad, Assistant Vice President of Professional Success. Says. “We know there is a great demand for professional and highly skilled employees in this area and we are ready to meet those needs.”

Visit Rowan University Cannabis Institute, Research, Policy and Labor Development For more information.