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Meet McKinsey's MBA class in 2021

Some people just have different wiring. They don’t sit and wait. And they aren’t happy to do the same. No, some people are always looking for that little edge. They dig into the details and make something a little better. They are not afraid to start from scratch when they are wrong. Or, favor what appears to be unpopular or counter-intuitive. When things get complicated or ambiguous, there are no unbreakable barriers, unfillable gaps, or unsolvable puzzles.

In consulting, there are words for these people: McKin Sate..

Yes, McKinsey & Company consultants stand out. In contrast, call them research. You can analyze large amounts of data without losing sight of the big picture. They can plan future models while remaining tied to client service and satisfaction. Despite being leaders and gurus in pre-McKinsey roles, they work on an equivalent team whose benefits outweigh their tenure each time. The adoption of the latest McKinsey MBA is very similar. In fact, many choose McKinsey and spend time around people who share the same values ​​with the same driver.To do that Maria CastexCornell MBA, who started working at McKinsey’s Denver office in 2021.

“I chose McKinsey because I wanted to do a rewarding and impactful job,” says Castex. Poets & Quants.. “Through the hiring process, I talked to people from many different companies. At McKinsey, to very bright and passionate people who are equally motivated by the desire to solve problems and make positive changes. I felt surrounded. I also knew that outside of the client’s job, McKinsey would help me grow professionally. Such a deliberate focus on development, apprenticeship, and training. It has been. “

McKinsey invests over $ 600 million annually in resource building and staff training

“Impact on scale”

In 2021 Mariel Nakashima Before returning to Peru to work in the Lima office, I earned an MBA from IESE Business School. She chose McKinsey, so she was able to take advantage of all the best. “After getting an MBA, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, grow up, and challenge myself to learn new things every day,” she writes. “McKinsey was the right choice because it is at the forefront of consulting, has global expertise, and has a collaborative and comprehensive environment.”

Indeed, McKinsey boasts a variety of advantages that most businesses cannot match. You can start with scale. The company has 30,000 employees in 133 locations in 67 countries. Sets of different practices such as energy, healthcare, sustainability and technology are not counted. Give it a name and McKinsey will cover it. The company also provides early c-suite access to the company’s most acclaimed enterprises. In fact, industry experts believe McKinsey is always affiliated with 75-90 Fortune 100 companies. As a result, MBA employers are exposed to cutting-edge innovation and are given a platform to do influential work at the start.

“I chose McKinsey as an opportunity to create a big impact,” he explains. Kara Limchiu, 2021 INSEAD graduate working in London office. “I wanted to help solve the most pressing global problems facing our generation while learning from the best people working to solve these problems. Since then, we have been working to launch a non-profit organization focused on diversity, climate change strategies, and building green businesses.

Do anything, do anything

However, this is another type of access. Think of McKinsey as a great spy thriller. The Wall Street JournalHowever, those fingerprints are everywhere on the page. This stealth approach gives McKinsey a certain mystery. That said, McKinsey was deeply involved in launching NASA and creating the Universal Product Code. The company has also developed an artificial intelligence bot that allows New Zealand sailing teams to win the America’s Cup. McKinsey offers the MBA a win-win proposal in addition to scale, influence, access, innovation and fame. Perform at a high level and match the 7 numbers to move to the partner level. Or, thanks to the expertise, versatility and connectivity, take advantage of the exit ramp to act as a c-suite. After all, the role of McKinsey graduates doubles as who is who in the business: Sundar Pichai (Alphabet CEO), James Gorman (Morgan Stanley CEO), Jane Fraser (Citigroup CEO), Erik Engström (RELX CEO). , Jørgen Vig Knudstorp (Chairman of Lego Executive), and Tony Xu (CEO of DoorDash). This does not include the vast number of McKinsey graduates, including 34,000 members working in more than 15,000 organizations in 120 countries.

Conclusion: McKinsey offers an unparalleled variety of people and projects that enable MBAs to learn and do new things every day. “I was attracted to the opportunity to explore almost every industry and help clients meet the most difficult challenges,” he adds. Ellison HartooStern MBA, who chose to stay in the New York City office. “My history as an athlete and coach has taught me that I really enjoy working with other great people who are passionate about making positive impacts, and through recruitment. After a great career in athletics, the military and music, I talked to a few employees who joined McKinsey, all of whom are ideal places for those who are motivated by the company and your specialty. Growth was limited only by the efforts you put into it. “

Effort is not a problem for Hurtault. Before business school, he was a professional runner. Not only did he compete in 25 countries, he also participated in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Sure, the 2021 recruitment class may not be what you expect. Before getting a Darden MBA Tretenison I studied religion as an undergraduate and added a master’s degree in education policy. In his spare time, he is busy composing and writing plays. Nandisa Chandra ShekarThe MBA at London Business School in Abu Dhabi started as a zookeeper. but, Fat Xavier-Grondin At least superficially, it may be the most unexpected McKinsey of all. As a teenager in the military school, she became pregnant with her daughter. So she had to balance her school with her motherhood and work at her childhood. After earning her degree in international affairs, she began her career from entrepreneurship to business analyst Michigan Ross MBA. The Xavier-Grondin journey is a testament to how patience and support can help people beat odds and reach the highest levels of business.

“Despite being pregnant at the age of 15, I was relatively successful as a professional. Not only was I accepted by the top MBA program, but I was also offered by McKinsey. Before I got my MBA. My daughter spoke four languages, earned the top 1% in the SAT, and worked with Smith University, having her own company and working with Google, Facebook, Dell, etc. before selling the brand. A great young woman with a full ride scholarship to. This hasn’t happened overnight, it’s happened in the last 10-15 years, and it’s supportive that encouraged me to continue studying. It started with my family. ”

McKinsey MBA takes a short break

“Skills, influences, and people”

Xavier-Grondin only pursued startup bugs in the 2021 McKinsey class. KaraLimchiu did the same, working as a shell engineer and then building an e-commerce business. In contrast, Sophia ArayaThe Chicago Booth MBA in Chile spent two years as a teacher. She plays a role due to her ability to communicate effectively and adapt quickly. Similarly, INSEAD MBA Alicia Ibaivariaga Volunteering in The Gambia, her role ranged from education to distributing resources to her family.She was also guided by this urge to give back Raunak Mukherjee During his pre-McKinsey investment banking career.

“I worked on a pioneering project to bring affordable mortgage solutions to millions of homeless Bangladeshi people,” wrote a graduate of London Business School. “While working at the World Bank, I spent months studying the housing finance sector in Bangladesh. I met with regulators, real estate developers and financial firms to diagnose the root cause of the country’s homelessness. Eventually I found the solution. It was a large team represented by a diverse group of both internal and external stakeholders. I am ethnically Bengal and of my family. It was special to me because my mother moved from Bangladesh to India before the Indian subcontinent was divided. “

Why did you bring the 2021 class to McKinsey after business school? Ask 12 different graduates and you will get 12 different answers.But in the words of the Booth MBA Moyosole Orwa OrekoyaMotivations often revolve around skills, influence, and people — usually in combination. For Nanditha Chandrashekar, the intersection involved people and skills.

“McKinsey’s scale and its expertise inspired me,” she claims. “Think of the niche areas possible. McKinsey has someone who is an expert in it. The company is truly global and everyone is willing to support and respond. The best in the world. The expertise is simply sent by phone or email, which motivates me in all problem-solving exercises. “

McKinsey Black Network Celebration

“Let’s make your own McKinsey”

You can insert impact by subtracting Raunak Mukherjee’s sweet spot skills. “I was drawn to the numerous opportunities McKinsey offered in almost every sector. Whether it’s financial services, healthcare or technology, McKinsey has solved the most difficult problems in these areas. No matter what you’re good at and where you want to go, the company offers great growth prospects, but McKinsey was most attracted to people. I. Meet not only the sharpest but also the warmest colleagues here. I never thought I could make such close friends at work. “

There is a popular phrase among McKinsey MBAs: “Make your own McKinsey.” That is, consultants find the right things, such as practice areas, regions, roles, and extend the toolkit. You can enjoy the flexibility for. Raised in Morocco Ikrame BahharHer passion for making a difference was only united by her love for Africa. McKinsey has many ways to pursue both at the same time.

“I was impressed with the impact the company has on the region and wanted to be part of such a prestigious mission,” wrote an INSEAD graduate. “During my recruitment process, I’ve heard how the company helped eradicate polio and increase access to electrification in Africa. These examples spoke volume. McKinsey also spoke. Investing in free service projects and putting social impact at the center of priority (for example, the company makes social schools more economically sustainable and accessible to people from unprivileged backgrounds. I supported it).

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