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MBA & Masters Guide 2022: UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA Anderson School of Management is a world-renowned learning and research institute with a clear positive focus.

The school makes the most of life and work in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the world. Anderson School of Management is never happy with how things are going. Looking to the future, discover what will happen and graph it. In short, the school aims to “think about the following.”

UCLA Anderson’s mission is to develop leaders for the 21st century and arm them with a worldview and purpose to make lasting difference to organizations and communities around the world.

Students and graduates, faculty and staff share a common spirit defined by three qualities:

1) Sharing success: Performance and innovation are not about winning at the expense of others.

2) Think fearlessly: UCLA Anderson School of Management is not afraid to try new ideas and approaches.When

3) Drive change: Schools are dissatisfied unless they can measure their commitment to specific impacts.

Current students come from all continents except Antarctica. The 40,000 graduates around the world include leaders at the forefront of organizational innovation in all industries, from investment management to social impact, consulting to technology startups. Includes CEOs of YouTube, BlackRock, AT & T and United Therapeutics. Teachers will investigate and address many of today’s most pressing issues, including the economic impact of COVID-19, affordable housing, technology transformation, global finance, health care, sustainability and inequality. Each year, UCLA Anderson’s Full-Time MBA, Full Employment MBA, Executive MBA, UCLA-NUS Global Executive MBA Program, Master of Finance Engineering, Master of Business Analysis, and Doctoral Program educates 2,200 students and is an executive education program. Will train an additional 1,800 people. Expert.

This next-generation leader will help shape the future of your business.

Facility name
University of California, Los Angeles

The name of the business school or program
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Business school Dean
Antonio Bernardo

Year of establishment

Year business school started

Total MBA registration (all platforms offered)
2,200 students excluding executive education (non-degree) programs that add 1,800 professionals annually

MBA platform provided
Full-time MBA
Fully hired MBA (FEMBA)
Executive MBA (EMBA)
UCLA-NUS Executive MBA

MBA priority areas offered

•• total
•• Brand management
•• consulting
•• Corporate finance
•• Corporate governance
•• entertainment
•• Entrepreneurship
•• Executive development
•• Global management
•• Healthcare management
•• Investment management
•• Management and organization
•• marketing
•• Marketing analysis
•• real estate
•• sustainability
•• Social impact
•• Technology leadership

Program length
Full-time MBA: 22 months
FEMBA: 33 months; 27 months if accelerated
EMBA: 22 months
UCLA-NUS Executive MBA: 15 months

Program Campus Options
• Los Angeles
• Full Employment and Executive MBA programs offer face-to-face / online hybrid options
• The UCLA-NUSE Executive MBA program includes modules to be held in Singapore, China and India.

Program certification

Full-time MBA:
• US News & World Report # 17 (released in 2022)
• Bloomberg Businessweek # 16 (released in 2021)
• Financial Times # 18 (between US schools). # 26 (global)
• Forbes # 16 (released in 2019)
• Economist: (UCLA did not participate in the 2021 ranking)


  • US News & World Report: # 5
  • Fortune: # 5

• USNWR # 10 (released in 2021)
• Financial Times # 6 (between US schools). # 37 (Global) (Released in 2021)
• Fortune # 9

Total cost of MBA
•• The student fees for 2021/2022 are as follows.
•• Full-time MBA: $ 65,124 (requires approval)
•• FEBMA: $ 41,782 (requires approval)
•• EMBA: $ 85,677 (requires approval)
•• UCLA-NUS Executive MBA: $ 125,000

Required test
•• Full-time MBA: GMAT or GRE; TOEFL / IELTS for International Students

•• FEMBA: GMAT or GRE; TOEFL / IELTS for International Students

•• EMBA: EA (Executive Assessment), GMAT or GRE are optional. TOEFL / IELTS for international students

•• UCLA-NUS Executive MBA: TOEFL / IELTS for International Students

Future briefing session
Check the following websites for upcoming sessions:

Full-time MBA:



UCLA-NUS Executive MBA:

Application deadline
For the 2021/2022 deadline, please check the following website.

Full-time MBA:



UCLA-NUS Executive MBA:


Program contact information
UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, California 90095

Full-time MBA:
(310) 825-6944

(310) 825-2632

(310) 825-2032

UCLA-NUS Executive MBA:
(310) 825-2032

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