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How Moms Master Parent-Child Relationships and Their MBAs

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Mom, if you’re thinking of continuing your education, Michigan State University is ready to help bring you back to the classroom. The The Broad Executive MBA at Michigan State University is designed for a busy lifestyle, where you can learn about the experiences of two mothers working full-time, working full-time, motherhood and working back to school.

When Bianca Bouchonnet (MBA ’21) decided to get a Broad Executive MBA, she had 10 years of experience in Whirlpool and her first baby along the way. She started a weekend program during her pregnancy, and when her daughter Ava was born, she immediately returned to her classroom. The flexibility of her program allowed her to earn her degree while working full-time and enjoy her daughter’s first year comfortably and confidently.

Before her journey began, Bouchoonnet took the time to study the right program based on the academic curriculum and weekend structure. She was familiar with the rankings because she had her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, but she wanted to be able to have children and succeed in a rigorous program.

She said, “I started [the program] In late pregnancy. With the right support system in place, you can navigate and clarify what that means. You can definitely be successful. “

Part of her support system came from a teacher who responded to her needs as a breastfeeding mother. Bouchonnet was able to get out of class when she needed to use her pump and the staff provided her with her cozy space. She was also supported by her husband who helped her Ava while attending East Lansing classes.

By the time Bouchonnet graduated, Ava was already a year and a half. Looking through the crowd, Bouchonnet saw her daughter walking across the stage to accept her diploma, and she made a worthwhile effort. When looking back on her time in her program, she said her resilience, determination, and patience defined her Spartan experience. These same three words can also be easily used to define motherhood.

Rachel Gonzalez (MBA ’18) started the program thinking it was the best time to get her advanced degree. A few months later she learned that she was pregnant. Gonzales is important to her education in that she does not want to put her professional goals on hold while balancing her full-time work with her other two children at her home. I understood the sex.

She states: “As a professional woman, it can be difficult to take the time to focus on my needs and priorities. I was an HR specialist who wanted to do more. I became a manager. I started to develop my skills. And then I decided to pursue the Broad Executive MBA program. I needed a more flexible program. The Executive MBA program is for people with families and I found that I could integrate well with people who are living a busy life. “

Gonzales shared how parents of the program need to set their expectations in advance. She said. “For me, it woke up early before work, and before my kids woke up on the weekends. It was pushing myself and breaking through boundaries that I didn’t even know existed.”

During the week leading up to graduation, she was offered a position to extend her career. Her responsibilities have increased and she has managed a much larger team thanks to the leadership skills she has developed in the program.

Parenting is a life-changing milestone celebrated within the Executive MBA Cohort that emphasizes how the program maintains a strong community focus. Last month, students in the 2023 class hosted a baby shower for their soon-to-be-dad, Carlson Ngongchia. The baby shower included diapers, baby food tastings, and of course cakes. Two weeks later, he and his spouse had a baby girl named Bella.

Chia now has Bouchonnet and Gonzalez in the same position as they did a few years ago, balancing work, parenthood and executive MBA.

He said. “Being a parent was a blessing. Ubuntu is the only good way to explain how this is balanced. Because i have us.. I have a great spouse, family, teammates, and cohort companions. Their love, care, advice and support not only filled me with gratitude, but also helped me continue to set an example for Baby Bella. “

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